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The Perfect Fit – Completely Custom

Let our flexibility and creativity work for you. When off-the-shelf products do not meet your needs, we do. If you're in a unique situation, we'll provide a unique solution. Our background in custom software solutions ensures that the final project will meet your needs, within your target price.

It's time to Re-engineer

Many businesses acquire a computerized system that mimics their manual system. While the new system generally proves better than the older system, the full advantages of computer technology are never experienced because the new system is restricted by traditions of the manual past. These traditional boundaries can be broken by carefully examining the processes of your business. This process is called ReEngineering.

Together we will explore leading edge technologies and various solutions. New technology, when applied appropriately, virtually guarantees increased efficiency and higher productivity. If your company is restricted by your computer system, or you have never examined your business processes, let us walk through the ReEngineering process with you.

The Key to Success - Communication

Your input and feedback are essential. If we do not understand your needs, we cannot meet them. If we do not understand your problems, we cannot solve them. That is why we bend over backwards to communicate. We

listen attentively to understand what is important to you.
answer your questions so that you may make sound decisions.
return all your phone calls and emails promptly.
make time to meet with you at your convenience.
show our progress with diagrams, demos, prototypes and the like.

Once we know what you want, we can build it.

Solid Systems – Superior Maintenance

Our highly skilled development team guarantees a solid system. Our team consists of graduates from the University of Waterloo, one of the most prestigious computer science schools in North America, and other software veterans. We are so confident in our software that we guarantee it.

Unlike many of our competitors, who deliver a finished product and walk away, we take an ongoing role ensuring that your new system is fully functional. Our systems always include maintenance for the first six months of use. During this time we take care of all problems, leaving you with a solid system. Extended and ongoing maintenance plans are available.

Into the Future - Enhancements

A good system saves time and energy – but don't be caught in the dark! As your company grows and changes it will have new needs and requirements. When this happens, we can help keep the lights burning bright. Whether you need one extra feature or several major enhancements, we'll make sure you aren't stuck with a stale system. We will ensure your system helps propel your business into the future.

Backups – When Disaster Strikes.

We ensure your system has a fully functional backup system. If disaster strikes, we can help you recover everything up to the last back up. While a tornado is unlikely to hit your building, computers do break, and accidents do happen. Play it safe.


Have confidential information? We can protect it. We can provide multiple levels of the security (full access, data access, read access and the like) or simply protect data from the general public. Designated users can be given the appropriate access. Security can be enforced by both password protection and/or location restrictions.

We can take security to a higher level by giving all users a user id and personal password. This would also allow each user to have information only accessable by his or her password. Auditing is also possible, which would allow you to track which user made each transaction.

Security – Play it Safe

All information connected to the Internet is at risk to intruders and eavesdroppers. When you can't afford to take that risk, we'll remove it. With encryption and other security measures, we'll ensure your data is protected. Enjoy the full benefits of the Internet without the threat of unwanted intruders.

Web Site Development

We build both web sites that allow easy access to information. Whether you only have a small amount of information, or a wealth of it, we can make an interactive gateway that allows everything you need.


We base the price on the difficulty of the project. Difficult projects take us longer to build, and thus will cost you more than smaller projects. Let us now what you want, we will estimate the price for you, and you can decide if it is worth it.

Give us a call today at 519-746-1113.


Not sure where to begin? Our staff can help! We will come to you and show you what options are available to you. We will examine your current systems and suggest alternatives to make them faster and easier to use. What do you have to lose?


Our programmers, having diverse skills and experience, can build virtually anything you want. We specialize in building custom internet software systems. While your system may not need to be connected to the interent, why not keep the possiblity of expanding in the future. To accomodate this, we can build an intranet system for you. Itranet systems are ideal because they are only available within the company, but can easily be expanded when your company grows.

We can build whatever you need.

Database Design

We can help you design database solutions customized to your company's needs.

Data Entry

Don't have the time to update your database? We'll do it for you!


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