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Helping Publishers & Authors Profit

Harvest Internet Solutions extends to your organization a permanent commitment to develop and enhance revenue generating techniques for your on-line applications. Our goal is to work with you as your premier revenue generating partner.

We can connect your on-line published reference material to many new paying customers on an ongoing bases year round.


Using libraries as your preferred customer for on-line subscriptions, Harvest Internet Solutions will source (globally if required) all the libraries in the USA and Canada and list the appropriate contact email for the Library's Buyer.

We then offer the library a trial to your on-line pay-for-use site including a 'sign up now' option.

The new paying customers are connected to your site.

Matrix reporting allows Harvest Internet Solutions to accumulate and track the on-line Buyer trends and the end-user trends. This data also indicates which of your customers have not signed up. Much emphasis is placed on determining why potential subscribers have not elected to become paying customers. Once sufficient information has been accumulated our technique is to implement effective marketing solutions in efforts to increase your customer base.

All resulting data is used to calculate the most effective pay-for-use options to meet the needs of your changing customer market.

We offer our customers the availability of referral income through entry ordering.


If a your customer needs to purchase an entry found in your on-line reference the supplier/distributor of the entry is forwarded a request to quote the price. Should an entry be purchased by the library you receive a referral fee.


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