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In Text Link
Image Viewing

In Text Links

In text linking provides the user accessiblilty to supplemental information which appears integrated into the text often in a different color than the rest and underlined. If you move the pointer over a spot on a Web site and the pointer changes into a hand, this indicates that you can click and be transferred to a predetermined action such as another site or a pop up window displaying, for example, a brief synopsis of the article. An optimal link structure will dramatically enhance the users experience and is very easy to maintain from a programming perspective.

This feature allows you to instantly cross reference:
  • text images
  • graphical representations of text (including symbols)
  • image map regions
  • animations
  • frames
  • scripts
  • graphical buttons
Later versions will render more "bells and whistles" such as:
  • animation
  • virtual reality
  • stand-alone audio files
  • audio tracks of video
  • video
A reference link within your document may look like this:


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