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Victorian Periodicals
TrueNorth Executive Search
www.JobToaster.com - Job Board

The site currently boasts over 50,000 jobs. Employers can post and manage jobs online. They may choose to get set up so their jobs are automatically on their own web site. Job Seekers can apply to jobs on line but may have to complete a pre-screening quiz. The site automatically updates several thousands of jobs each day.

English Bibliographical Directory

Twenty-five years of research is now available through the Internet. Authorized scholars can install the system on their machines or use it with a user id. Searches can be done through over 25,000 records via specific searches, global searches or through five different indexes. Data Administrators can add new records and update existing data. Administrators can create user accounts and install accounts. Series 1 and Series 2 are available online.

Contact Management System
 - Executive Search Firm

The internal system takes information automatically and allows all employees to view the history of potential candidates. Recording phone notes, interview logs and a variety of other pertinent information the system helps the firm work together as a team. The system also enabled real time sharing of company resources without conflicts.

Online Rental Agency

The online system makes posting and unposting apartments and rental units a breeze. The original system integrated a phone system that would allow landlords to call in and change their rental unit status from the phone. The site also needed secure transactions in order to take credit card information safely over the internet.

QuickCourier is a phone call management system. QuickCourier allows your receptionist to quickly notify employees when they have an incoming call, and from whom the call is from.

QuickCourier is tied into a caller database, allowing employees to research the caller before they pick up the phone. Employees can also use QuickCourier to do a manual search for names in the caller database.

This program is ideal for corporate recruiters, who receive many calls during the day and need to have candidate information at their fingertips.


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